About Gateway House

Founded over 20 years ago as a long-term alternative to chronic hospitalization for adults with psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, Gateway House is a private facility providing semi-independant, supervised living in a therapeutic community.

At Gateway House, structure and supervision is provided, in a small non-institutional residential environment by a multi-disciplinary team, consisting of: a psychiatrist, psychologist, psychiatric nurses, case-managers and facilitators, and dedicated care-workers. Beginning the day they arrive, residents help develop their own plans for recovery and continued care in the community. Patients receive psycho-pharmacological treatment and other psychotherapeutic interventions. Residents are encouraged to play an active role in the operation of the household, including meal preparation.

Gateway House strives to help people with a mental illness live as independently as possible while providing support that allows them to meet their basic living needs. Its residential programs typically provide a range of services to help its residents live in the community, and provide training in independent living skills such as cooking, grooming, and money management. Although levels of structure and supervision vary from person to person, the residential programs have formal and specific rules, requiring residents to be involved in a treatment program during the day.